Talent introduction

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th Congress of the Party and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th and 18th Central Committee, we will accelerate the development of innovation-driven development strategy and the strategy for strengthening human resources, fully inspire the innovation and entrepreneurship of all types of talents, and actively create innovative talents. Gathering high grounds will enable our district to play a leading role in talents introduction and training in the city and build high-level innovative teams, and will strive to build our district into an independent innovation demonstration area and a cluster of high-tech enterprises. We will now put forward the following implementation opinions on strengthening the work of talents and accelerating the construction of independent innovation demonstration zones: I. Profound understanding of the importance of strengthening personnel work and accelerating the construction of independent innovation demonstration areas Talent resources are the first resources, and innovation driven is essentially talent-driven. In recent years, the total number of talents in our district has grown steadily, the talent structure has become more and more reasonable, the talent environment has been continuously optimized, and talented personnel work and talent team construction have achieved remarkable results. However, compared with the need for rapid economic and social development, there is still a certain gap between the measures and effectiveness of gathering talents in the surrounding developed regions. The next few years will be a crucial period for the establishment of a national independent innovation demonstration zone and a cluster of high-tech enterprises in our district to lead the city's new industrialization. The innovation dividend released by the national independent innovation demonstration zone will inevitably lead to a new round of industrial transformation and upgrading and technological innovation. It is urgent for us to deepen reform and innovation with greater wisdom and courage, continue to advance the strategy of “strong areas with talented people,” strengthen talented personnel work, and accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship so that talents can be introduced, stayed, and well done, and talents can be better motivated. Effectiveness, actively adapt to the popular entrepreneurship, the new normal economic innovation, striving for innovation to drive the development of new advantages. Second, increase the development of key talents (I) To educate a group of pioneering talents (teams). Implement the "123 Peng Plan" and strive to introduce 10 teams of innovative and pioneering talents and 20 leading talents for innovation and entrepreneurship in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, involving around the park's leading industries and strategic emerging industries (of which: 10 leading innovative talents, Ten leading entrepreneurial talents and about 3,000 key industries urgently need talented people. Exploring the way in which the government purchases services and conducts innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. (b) Selecting a group of top-notch professional and technical talents. From the key areas of our district, key industries, major technology areas and grassroots first-line selection of a certain number of outstanding talents awarded the "Zhaoqing High-tech Zone professional and technical top-notch talent" title. The establishment of an incentive and assessment mechanism has stimulated the vitality of top-notch professionals with innovative skills, and has led the tie-up of talents in the region to explore and innovate and produce more results. (3) Cultivate a group of talents who are in short supply of high-level and practical skills. Focusing on key areas and key industries, relying on enterprises, institutions of higher learning, research institutes, headhunters, service stations for overseas students, and talents liaison stations for key universities and colleges in China, such as employing personnel and talent intermediary service agencies, vigorously introduce new energy sources and new materials. High-level talents in biomedicine, information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, financial services, and capital operations, as well as practical skills in the fields of industrial development and technological advancement, can break key technologies, and solve technical problems. Skilled talents. (d) vigorously support a batch of elites. Efforts will be made to create a number of entrepreneurship incubation bases, e-commerce industrial parks, and crowd-producing spaces that are in line with the industrial development direction of the park, have good development prospects, and adapt to market demands. Through establishing a business service platform, granting financial support, and nurturing angel investor groups, etc. , In order to create a better business starter services, to solve the shortage of venture capital, policy support and other issues, improve the success rate of innovation and entrepreneurship. Third, the innovative talent gathering mechanism (I) Strengthen the role of the platform. We will do a good job of forecasting talent demand in key industries and key areas, speed up the construction and use of a comprehensive online platform for public resources in the region, timely release high-level talent supply and demand information, and use information platforms to gather talents. Promote the construction of research and development platforms for post-doctoral research institutions, national university science parks, and corporate R&D institutions, and use research and innovation platforms to gather talents. Actively participate in science and technology and talent exchange conferences, organize high-level overseas high-level talents, and use activity platforms to gather talents. Organize or assist in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition and use the event platform to gather talents. Accelerate the construction and introduction of talents, science and technology intermediary service agencies and incubators, build a growth-incubation-acceleration-industrialization chain, and use the incubation platform to pool talents. (b) Accurately attract talents around the project. The overall integration of attracting investment and recruiting talents is integrated, and the introduction of major projects and the introduction of high-end talents are organically connected. The project actively promotes high-level composite scientific and technological talents and innovative teams. Strengthen cooperation with Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts, overseas student organizations and other government personnel service units and non-governmental talent organizations, and take corporate R&D requirements as a guide, look for R&D projects in the region, establish scientific research projects, and introduce scientific research achievements and key technologies. , Key projects and production, research, and research projects use carriers to gather scientific research talents. (c) Explore a flexible talent selection policy. Adhere to the principle of “not for all, but for all”, encourage and guide employers to adopt flexible and diversified methods such as short-term employment, technology investment, cooperative operation, and post-paid employment, so as to attract a group of “migratory bird” high-end talents without changing their relationship and not relocate their accounts. To come to our district to engage in teaching, lectures, scientific research, technical services, project cooperation, etc., to play a "borrowing only" utility. Fourth, implement flexible personnel training measures Actively promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, smooth the communication channels between famous universities at home and abroad, and urge enterprises and universities to strengthen strategic cooperation, establish long-term cooperative relationships, and use industry-university research platforms to gather talents. We will use the role of bridges and bridges in new R&D institutions such as university science parks and research institutes, and encourage and attract well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad to set up branch campuses, graduate schools, special professional colleges, and build independent colleges and university science and technology parks. Improve the base of domestic talents. Strengthen cooperation with institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and other professional institutions, and organize various types of talents to participate in exchange visits, training and research and training in order to increase personnel education and training through the form of joint education, special training, and the setting up of postgraduate classes. Fifth, create a good talent ecological environment (a) Build a foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship. Accelerate the investment in infrastructure such as roads and greening, improve the living, leisure, entertainment and other ancillary facilities, actively attract large-scale enterprises and multinational companies to enter the park, and make efforts to promote the construction of new research and development institutions, overseas returnees’ entrepreneurial parks and colleges and universities’ entrepreneurial bases, and accelerate talents. Apartment construction, creating a hard environment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship. Widely promote the advanced deeds and scientific research achievements of all kinds of talent innovation and entrepreneurship, vigorously create a social public opinion environment that promotes advanced innovation, encourage innovation, increase the construction of high-level talent exchange platforms, expand the scope of high-level talent club industry, and prepare for industrial talent alliances and talents. He regularly organized and organized talent events such as lecture salons, summit forums, and exchanges, and provided high-level talents with lecture tickets and reading vouchers to create a soft environment for the exchange of talents. (B) "fine" service personnel. Establish a system of high-level talents, leaders of the leading group of talents, and establish a team of talent service commissioners to deepen the "one-stop" service for talented personnel service workstations and high-level talents to simplify the flow of personnel. Related service processes, and the introduction of investment and financing agencies, talent dispatch companies and other third-party talent service agencies, to facilitate the rapid and efficient assistance of personnel to solve personnel worries, employment of spouses or children, job title assessment, social insurance and other worries. Strengthen the construction of the talent market system, introduce and cultivate intermediary agencies and professional training agencies such as headhunting companies and labor dispatch companies, and explore the mechanism for promoting independent assessment of talents. Actively strive for the support of relevant departments of provinces and cities, and establish a professional and technical title review committee at the beginning of middle-age or above in the talent gathering industry system in the region to facilitate the filing of titles. Sixth, strengthen the work organization and protection Adhere to the principle of the party's management of talent, give full play to the role of the leading group of talents, form a unified leadership of the district party work committee, the district party committee group work department to take the lead, the relevant departments perform their duties, close cooperation, a new pattern of talent work with extensive participation of social forces . We will improve the funding mechanism, adjust the funding standards for talents in a timely manner, and use qualified personnel to develop special funds. Strengthen the talents propaganda, vigorously promote the advanced deeds and talent models that have been rooted in the frontline for a long time, based on their own posts, innovation and entrepreneurial dedication, guide and support all parties involved in talent work, and strengthen the awareness of the work of the entire community of talented people, improve the influence of talent work.     At present, our district has become a powerful engine for the promotion of technological progress and enhancement of independent innovation capabilities and has become a powerful engine driving the restructuring of regional economic structure and transformation of economic development in accordance with the “four changes” of national hi-tech zones, and has become a “going out” of high-tech enterprises. The service platform for participating in international competition has become the leading position in the world to seize the commanding heights of the world's high-tech industries. It has also made decision-making arrangements for provinces and cities, and has completed the "overall planning" and "industrial development planning" through international bidding and biding, and clearly defined the metal. The four leading industries such as new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information, and bio-pharmaceuticals have determined the center service area, new metal material industry area, advanced equipment manufacturing industry area, electronic information industry area, bio-pharmaceutical industry area, logistics and comprehensive bonded area. The overall spatial layout of "one center and six regions", such as production, education, and research supporting areas..